Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance is one of the most traditional forms of transport insurance. Our task is to protect the interests of the Company 's Clients as much as possible. Qualified specialists will find for you optimal conditions and tariffs in leading insurance organizations.

In order to optimize expenses of our Clients, the International Customs Carrier LLC "VAL" annually insures its liability of the Carrier.

Insurance of carrier liability

For the complete peace of mind of our Clients, every transportation performed, every container transported by trucks of LLC "VAL" is insured. Responsibility limit up to 50,000,000 (fifty million) rubles or about 780 000 USD. The list of goods subject to insurance coverage, as well as the geography of transport - are not limited. For goods whose cost exceeds the amount of insurance coverage of our policy, we are ready to allocate separate transport and agree on a higher cost of coverage.

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Licensed Customs Carrier
  • The quick passage of the customs post
  • Financial guarantees to the customs authorities
  • Lack of intermediary markup
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