Freight forwarding

The main objective of the Forwarding agent is a representation of interests of the Receiver or Cargo owner in port. The choice of the reliable Forwarding agent will allow to reduce terms of processing of a load in port and also to minimize expenses on processing of a load or at all to avoid additional expenses in port.

Our Company continuously keeps track of the status of a load, interacting with port, sea line carriers and the authorities. Our advantage - existence of operational office in port, in close proximity to customs authorities, port services and terminals that allows us to resolve quickly working issues and to carry out port forwarding.


Organization and carrying out customs operations with containers: examinations, surveys, weighings;
Control of passing of IDC (scannings of a container with a load);
Operational reporting under the passable procedures;
The organization of cross docking for any types of loads, including the goods moved in the mode of the international customs transit;
Execution of allowing documentation for export/import of containers from/to the port;
Selection of the optimum vehicle for specific transportation;
Survey of a container after loading on the vehicle;
Export of containers with a load on a warehouse for short-term or long storage;
The organization of a cross docking of a load from sea containers on other means of transport: railway, automobile (tilt, reef);
Execution of commodity transport documentation.


Licensed Customs Carrier
  • The quick passage of the customs post
  • Financial guarantees to the customs authorities
  • Lack of intermediary markup
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