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The leader on the container truck market - the company VAL

Leader on container truck market in Novorossiysk - Company VAL
The philosophy of VAL is to keep your word and fulfill your commitments. For this we have: 

Qualified perconal
Qualified Professional Drivers
Qualified Mechanical Engineers
Own equipped production base with area of 1 Ha
40 modern saddle tractors with universal semi-trailers - container ships
Our vehicle fleet is completed 5 and 6 with the axis hitches intended for transportation of all types of containers (20DC, 40DV, 40HC, 45HC, 40REEF) with a loading capacity up to 26 t. without violation of rules of law of the Russian Federation. Special "short" semi-trailers intended for transportation of one container of 20DC allow to deliver goods to warehouses with territory having restrictions for manoeuvres of cargo equipment.

For convenience of our Clients, apart from direct transportation of containers, our transport company can offer the whole complex to support international delivery from door to door:

Sea freight
Customs clearance
Logistics of transport (planning of the optimal route taking into account all possible difficulties)
Cross docking
Carrying out a complete set of preparatory works necessary for the organization of freight transportation
Auto-delivery (containers, dangerous goods, handling goods)
Complete package of accompanying documents
Preparation of cargo for delivery
Competent selection of transport, which depends on specific features of cargo, its dimensions, distance of route, etc.
Carrying out loading and unloading works, provision of sling services
Warehousing and storage
Insurance and security

Licensed Customs Carrier
  • The quick passage of the customs post
  • Financial guarantees to the customs authorities
  • Lack of intermediary markup
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We ship since 2001

Your fleet will reduce your costs

Optimize logistic costs

You get favorable terms for complex services

100% VAT refund and net reputation

Without agency fees and hidden fees

Qualified specialists at your disposal

353900, Russia, Krasnodar Region, Novorossiysk, ul. Mira, d. 5, office 3.

8 (8617) 303-317