Convenient location in the industrial zone of Novorossiysk, 4 trips for trucks, a total area of more than 1 Ha, a closed dry warehouse of 3,000 square meters, a refrigerator area of 1,500 square meters. Our warehouse is equipped with new reloading equipment: 2 richstakers with a load capacity of up to 50 tons, 6 loaders with a load capacity of 3 to 10 tons.

Warehouse Service

  • Overruns of goods from container to Eurofurus (tilt semi-trailer, reef semi-trailer)
  • Overruns of goods from container to warehouse
  • Storage of containers
  • Storage of goods by pallet
  • Cargo splitter
  • Marking of goods
  • Sticker of cargo
  • Cargo overruns
  • Item Bulkhead (if necessary)
  • Separation, pallets, streak (if necessary)
  • Manual cargo handling
  • Documentation


Licensed Customs Carrier
  • The quick passage of the customs post
  • Financial guarantees to the customs authorities
  • Lack of intermediary markup
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